Saddles are build on wooden trees, fiberglass or rawhide covered in all standard sizes : Semi QH, QH, FQH, EXFQH, or by measurement, with sizes of seat from 14“ to 17“ by 1⁄4“. For saddles we use first

quality oak leather and hardware, imported from USA.

Here is usual way how to order custom saddle:

  1. Choose type of saddle, colour, tooling and other in our shop.
  2. After your choose we will write you confirmation email with shipping price and concretize all details and the completion date. Advance payment is from 400 to 600€.
  3. If you don ́t know size of tree which fit to the horse or horse has non-standard back, we will send you our measurement gitter.
  4. Saddle will be make after advance payment and after we get measuring back.
  5. If saddle made by gitter does not fit , it can be send to frintasaddlery in 3 months , it will be free adjusted saddle tree.

We prefer comunication in english via E-mail.

Frinta saddlery can send you picture of saddle before the rest of payment.

Guarantee of saddle is two years.


How to make measurement by gitter:

Postup měření

  1. First wire measurement attach the highest point of the withers, center strip must lie on the spine.
  2. All measurement adjust so that the horse’s back.
  3. The horse must stand quietly, on all four legs, neck forward
  4. Photography measurements send to our email and we will respond if everything is measured in order. Photos need at least the following three: horses whole figure from the side, detail to the back side with the measurement and detail of measuring from behind.